Thermal Shrinkage Tester C631H

For Low Force Shrinkage Foils – Replacement of Oil Bath Tester

The new Shrinkage Tester C631H is an absolute world premiere and made for use in the beverage industry for foils with very low shrinkage forces. PE foils used for six-packs and others often have very low shrinkage forces but high shrinkage ratios. The new instrument can measure shrinkage forces from 0.02 N to 6 N with an accuracy of 0.2%.

The C631H can measure one test for both the shrinkage ratio and the other one for shrinkage force simultaneously. The max. Temperature can be adjusted to 210 ° C. The tester is started from the software with specified parameters and test conditions. All results are displayed on the screen in real time. The complete test last less than three minutes. All data may be saved on the computer.

The instrument follows ISO 14616-1997 and DIN 53369-1976.

C631H with software, monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, wireless data module, cutting mat, sampling template, sample grip set.

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