Full-color hidden image offers highly protected security label

FORGE GUARD® can have full-color texts and images as hidden information in label. This unique technology is realized by own synthesized chemicals, own developed process equipments and severe process control. The full-color image is virtually impossible to copy due to its wide range of colors, shades and complex resolution designs.

Superior heat, light and water resistance

The full-color hidden image of FORGE GUARD® is resistant to severe outdoor usage such as high temperature, high humidity and sun light. The full-color hidden image is stable at 200 degrees Celsius for 5 hours in a practical test and 500 lux for 20 years in a simulation test in Fujifilm laboratory.

Experience FORGE GUARD® in action!

A clear full-color and detailed hidden image appears simply by placing the proprietary viewer directly over the security label.

FORGE GUARD® requires no additional technical or language skills, no capital investment, no additional technologies and no additional costs. Anyone can easily verify the authenticity of products at anywhere.

Verification can be done at anywhere by anyone.

An authenticity verification by FORGE GUARD® is so easy that there is no limitation for an inspection by anyone at any place.

Customized full-color hidden image and reasonable order size

FORGE GUARD® does not require any expensive printing plate for its manufacturing. So an order can be done from 100,000 labels and more with customized full-color hidden image. An order less than 100,000 labels can be discussed as option.

Countermeasure as parallel import/export

As a remarkable option, you may have different color and/or design of full-color hidden images in FORGE GUARD® in order to confirm whether right product go to right destination.