Haze Meter

Hazemeters are equipped with a powerful optical light source, which uses e.g. the infrared light of an LED to illuminate the material or liquid to be examined. Due to this design, there are no limits to the application. Turbidimeters are the object of photometry.

The accuracy of the instruments can be increased even further when using a multi-beam measuring method, i.e. a method in which several detectors and a semi-transparent mirror are used, compared to low-cost single-beam methods.

They can be used to determine the haze of light caused by transparent materials such as films, packaging, foils, glasspanes, LCD screens, etc. as well as by liquids. These measurements are carried out, for example, on transparent foils, glasses. Displays or the yare part of the investigation within the scope of the Drinking Water Ordinance, or in the production of beer to measure the amount of yeast or in the case of milk in dairies.

Haze and Transmission Tester TH-100

Fast and precise measurement of the optical quality of plastic films and other transparent materials.
This instrument measures total transmission and haze according to numerous standards used in most QA applications.

The TH-100 was developed in direct response to industry requirements. The instrument has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that minimises test time and makes it an ideal choice for QC, laboratory and R & D.

Uncompromising design, high quality materials and LED light source make the TH-100 the ideal choice.

Technical Data


Haze and transmission




ISO 14782, ISO13468 etc.

Measuring field:

15/21 mm, without limitation

Sample thickness:

max. 145 mm


10 nm wavelength


0 – 100%


0.01 units

Test time:

3 s, no warm-up phase

Light sources:

CIE-A, CIE-C and CIE-D65




horizontal and vertical


5" screen


2000 measured values


USB; 24 V


6 kg

Haze Meter TH-100

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