Force Gauges: Analogue and Digital Force Measurements

Tiedemann dynamometers, manufactured for more than 60 years, offers high precision instruments for mechanical force measurements for tensile and compressive forces. The measurement range of the ring dynamometers goes from 50 N to 200 kN.

The Tiedemann dynamometers are always used where measurements may allow only minimal length changes. They are applied in the measurement of cable tension on overhead wires, as an extension would lead to an increase of slack span. Other applications include high-precision measurements in mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing e.g. in test stands for brakes, in machinery and transport equipment, as well as in measurements where only little room for the measuring instrument is available. Their handling is very easy.

The digital version finds further applications in laboratories of R&D, quality and manufacturing control. They are small and easy to use as well. They do not need any amplifier or mains. You can read the forces directly on the screen or via USB cable on your notebook.

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