Nip-Width Analysis with Digi-Nip 2 for Smaller Rollers

Roller Alignment Systems

Sigma-Nip, Digi-Nip2 and Auto-Nis for rollers alignment

The readjustment of rollers and their exact setting is of great importance in many industries. Whether in paper manufacture or processing, during lamination or printing processes high quality products are always ensured. In addition, minimizing the downtime is a strong target to save costs. To achieve high accuracy in a short time, we offer two different solutions. One is based on real time measurement of the nip width even during adjustment, the second is an approximation using Prescale pressure indication films and a scanner to measure nip and pressure distribution along the roller.

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Nip-Width Analysis with Sigma-Nip in Real Time

The electronic nip analysis system measures and calculates the nip width at different points along the rolls in real-time. The system Sigma-Nip consists of a series of sensors that are placed between the rollers together with an analysis program. The sensors can be positioned quickly and easily. They survive high pressures and are able to measure simultaneously with high accuracy and reproducibility. It is the ideal solution for setting all kinds of rolls.

The nip width measurement system consists of various sensors, based on thin film resistance technology, which are positioned at specific points between the rollers. Once the sensors are placed, the rolls can be closed. The Windows based software shows simultaneously the nip widths in an easily interpretable way on the screen. The user thus immediately detects if the rollers are adjusted.

Since the analysis system operates in real time, the rollers can be adjusted directly in the closed state. Changes in the alignment can be directly monitored on screen.

After proper adjustment the print out documents the final status.

Sigma-Nip comes complete with all necessary system components for quick and accurate nip width determination. The system consists of 3 to 15 sensors depending on customer requirements, the sensor hub with USB cable, intuitive software and a standard notebook.

Technical Data


Sigma-Nip Sensor-Specification




Standard Sigma-Nip

Mini Sigma-Nip


Thin-film resistance

Active sensor length

213 mm

84 mm


300 mm/s

Matrix points




+/- 6 %

Sensor thickness

0,381 mm

0,381 mm


+/- 98 %

Temperature range

-18 bis 125°C

-18 bis 125°C

Free Storage

200 MB


1,3 mm

0,5 mm

Main storage

128 MB RAM

USB Port    Nip-width range

3,8 bis 213 mm

1,5 bis 84 mm


USB Port

Min. Pressure

0,28 MPa

0,28 MPa

Operating System

Win 7/10

Max. Pressure

70 MPa

70 MPa





Weight of  Sensor

227 g

113 g