Tiedemann Instruments: Mechanical and Optical Measurement Techniques

Tiedemann Instruments is a traditional and yet innovative family business dedicated to mechanical and optical measurement technologies.

The company was established by Dietrich Tiedemann, MS in 1950 and passed to Alfred Betz, PhD in 1990. Today, the company's successes continue and are being expanded by Michael Mueller, PhD.

Tiedemann Instruments has been a leader in the force measurement industry with analogous power dynamometer for more than fifty years. Because of their precision, they are the chosen company for customers in mechanical engineering and car industry as well as for the stretching of overhead wiring.

Photoelasticity stress test instrumentation of Tiedemann Instruments helps today in quality assurance in a simple way to check the freedom or a defined magnitude of stress, for example for automobile windscreens or headlight glasses.

Tiedemann Instruments has been Europe's largest distributor of FujiFilm Prescale for surface pressure measurement. The films are easy to use and universally applicable. By using this film, you are able to test in all areas of technology from the profile of tires to the footprint of gaskets, from the impact test of parcels to the orthopaedic footprint. Together with Tiedemann's calibration software, the results can be easily quantified.

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As part of our engineering services, we will translate your ideas into measurement solutions. For example, we have produced a laser-based OEM instrumentation in order to measure the paint application across thin wires that is installed in customers wire-drawing machines.

We provide a general contract manufacturing and calibration service and all projects will be completed in our metal workshop.

Tiedemann Instruments intensely cooperates with Dr. Müller Instruments, a company for state of the art measurement technologies, specialized on sensors for pressure, temperature and fluid motion. With its unique sensors for high frequency measurements with rise times of only a few nano seconds Müller is the choice for shock and blast wave experiments.

We look forward to welcoming you to our lovely Garmisch-Partenkirchen office in the near future.