Execution of the Dynamometer

The ring dynamometer consists of a special shaped elastic steel ring attached with two facing drawbar eyes, pressure seats or threads. A load on the ring leads to a slight deformation, which is measured with a precise dial gauge.

Analogue Indicator – Measured Value and Maximal Load
The measured deformation is converted through a calibration table into tensile or compressive forces.

The mechanical, analogue 100-dial indicator shows a change in diameter of the ring of 5 microns per division. The ring will deform less than 2.0 mm. The error on accuracy is less than 1% for the upper 80% of the range.

On Tiedemann dynamometers, the indicator can be set in such a way that it displays the maximum force in one measuring run. This is of advantage for fast processes and during experiments where reading of scale is difficult or not possible, as may be the case in determining the drag resistance of gliders, towed trailers and boats or an operation force at a inapproachable.

Analogous Dynamometer with Drawn Scale
Analogue dynamometers with a drawn scale are first calibrated according to the same method. Then a drawn scale with interpolated force values will replace the standard scale for one arbitrary rotation of the dial gauge. The measurement range then becomes smaller e.g. 0-60 N or 60-120 N for ZS02.

Digital Indicator

The digital indicator has maximal three digits (1 µm) and will be programmed by Tiedemann during calibration to show the forces direct in N or kN. The smallest measurable force is 0.1 N or 1 N. The max ranges for the digital dynamometer starts from 200 N to 100 kN.

Tensile forces will be marked with a “+“, compression force with the “–“. In case of our Universal- Dynamometer with drawbar eyes and pressure seats the calibration curve for tensile and compressive force has to be chosen. Further you can set the digits always to “0” by pressing the “Tara” button, but please do not forget the max load for the ring.

Besides the direct reading of the forces on the display the major advantage is the direct connection to a computer to run measurement programs and save the force results. In this case the battery box for the battery (4000 hours) will be exchanged against a cable connection with USB or RS232. You do not need any further instruments or an external power supply.

The indicator itself will be supplied by the power of the notebook. Tiedemann provides the indicator driver and a basic capture program to transfer the measurement data to WIN-Excel. Alternative any other measurement program can be used.

In cases a wireless connection is of interest or if an application requires more than one dynamometer, you can connect them via a HUB. These technologies are provided by different external partners.

Special Designs and Protectors

We also offer a splash protective rubber cover on some of our instruments, rotating drawbar eyes or dynamometers with modified seats for compressive forces.