Digital Force Gauge

Tension and Compression – as well as for Testing Machines

Practical force gauge for individual use between manual and test bench force gauge up to 2500 N. While the DFG unit outputs the basic functions such as the current measured value and maximum, displays the DFC type in addition statistical mean values and can transmit the data via Bluetooth.

The USPs in detail:

• OLED Display
• DMS Technology
• Display in N, gf, kgf, lbf
• Sampling rate 10 or 25 kHz
• Exellent for small loads
• Very high accuracy
• Coloured bar display for measuring ranges
• Statistical evaluations
• Data output to PC via USB or Bluetooth
• Screwable to testing machine
• Programmable
• Battery operated
• Incl. transport case
• Incl. Accessories

Manual Force Testing Instrument

Ideal for simple tests together with the force gauge DFC

– Easy-to-use force test bench together with DFG or DFC force gauge.
– Force range in three versions: 500, 1500 and 2500 N.
– Very good dosing of the manual force transmission by lever or handwheel.
– Inexpensive solution for incoming goods and production.


The Advantages in detail:
• Tensile or compression test
• Equipment with DFC hand tool
• Precise mechanics
• Optionally with odometer
• Various clamping tools available
• Ideal for production use
• Convertible for horizontal use
• Robust design
• Incl. transport caser

Model MTL-110 MTL-330 MTH-550
Nominal load 500 N 1500 N 2500 N
Cross-slide path 150 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Travel per revolution 76 mm 76 mm 0,76 mm
Blockable X X X
Vertical test path Standard Standard Standard
Horizontal test path (convertible) X X  
Screwable with work surface X X X
Connection thread for clamping tools M6 M10 M10
Span 150 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Operation Levers Levers Handwheel
Adapter set for clamping tools X X X