Anchor Tester TDP

Check out forces of dowel joints

The Tiedemann Anchor Tester TDP can check the pull-out forces of almost all commercial dowel anchors.

The force is applied via a mechanical thread. This is the passed through a ring dynamometer directly on the attachment. Three feet provide for a secure hold against the wall, all are individually adjustable in height with a rotary screw by about 100 mm. For support against wall insulations three shoe adapter with 100 mm diameter are available as accessories.

The dowel tester is ready for testing of most fortifications. Usable thread adapter for M4 / M5 / M6 / M8 / M10 / M12 / M16 are included.

Additional adapters for ecotwist or helical anchors are available as accessories as well as slitted discs for screw heads from 4 to 10 mm and “Big Foot” to stand on thermal insulation boards. In case further adapters are required, please contact us.

The Tiedemann Anchor Tester TDP is available in three load levels, from 4 kN and 9 kN with an analog force gauge and 10 kN or 20 kN with digital force gauge. The forces can be read directly on the display of the force dynamometer. It is delivered in a plastic carrying case.

Anchor Tester

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