Service for Measuring Films

Around the pressure measuring films Prescale, but also for two other films for measuring heat flow and UV light irradiation, we have a variety of services that provide significant support for our customers.

New Super Low LLW-HT pressure measuring foil
The new Super Low LLW-HT pressure measuring foil is specially designed for temperatures of 180-220°C. It is an ideal addition for measuring pressures in sealing tools, gluing or laminating processes.

Unlike the standard foil, the background does not turn increasingly red as the temperature rises. It can be used at the high temperatures without protection in the same way as the standard films at room temperature.

> Brochure Prescale for High Temperature Super Low Pressure (LLW)

Free Sample
The free samples are approximately 6 x 7 cm large and come in a booklet. This booklet is designed for very first tests to check whether the measurement with pressure measuring films is possible and to select the proper pressure range. They are available in two versions, one booklet for 4LW and one for 3LW to HHS.

Similar samples are available for Thermoscale and UVSCALE.

Test Quantities
For customers who require only small amounts of measuring films or for all new customers who are not yet so familiar with the films and still must select the correct range, we offer shorter test quantities. For the films Ultra Super Low, Super Low, UVSCALE and Thermoscale 200C each 1 m and for all further from Low to Super High, Thermoscale 100 we offer 2 m each. These films are delivered on rolls. For the pressure measuring film Extreme Low and Ultra Extreme Low (4LW + 5LW) no test length is available.

Strip Cut
On wish we can cut the reel into strips. This is always of interest for those customers whose film application is always in the same width. 

On the other hand, the film can be used more effectively, for example, in the adjustment of rolls. Here it is often sufficient to insert a narrow 9 cm wide strip.

Minimum stripe width is 10 mm.

Contour Cut
If complicated seals such as Cylinder head gaskets are to be checked with Prescale the contour cut is the first choice. This is also true for many other forms with drilling, threads or holes etc. The contour cut can have any shapes with the outer dimensions of a maximum of 600 x 400 mm. We laser the films in the correct form according to your specifications. For this we need a file in Corel Draw or Auto-Cad format. Ask us; we will send you a quote.

Measuring in Liquids
The measuring film can also be used in or with liquids without problems. Depending on the application we offer two solutions. On the one hand we can laminating the film for you. This is possible for films from Super Low up to a size of DIN A3 and also for Thermoscale and UVSCALE. More sensitive pressure measuring films could be fixed on a flat plate, evacuated in a bag. If the films are in direct contact with the media, our support will help for underwater use.

Quantitative Evaluation of Prescale
In case you use the pressure indicating films for the first time or quite seldom we can do the evaluation of your pressure measurements for you. We use the analysis programs Tiedemann CALTEST, Fuji FPD 8010E and Auto-Nis in case of  stripes. In addition to the film imprints send  information on the pressing time, the temperature and the humidity at the site of pressings. Press times for which calibration curves are available are, 5 s, 60 s and 120 s. They are valid at room temperature and air humidity of about 30 to 70%.