Adhesive Tester

The PAT-01A, -02 and LAT-06 devices test the adhesion and bonding properties of test samples such as pressure-sensitive tape, plasters, adhesive labels and protective films.

While the PAT-01 and -02 model uses the rolling ball method, the LAT-06A can test six samples simultaneously under the influence of weight. This model is controlled by a microcomputer.

Further test devices, e.g. for peel forces of adhesive tapes, can be found in the catalogue "Mechanical Testing Instruments".

PAT-01A, -02


  • Rolling ball method
  • Test of the adhesive properties of samples such as adhesive tape, scotch tape, plasters, adhesive labels, etc.


  • Standardised
Angle 21,5°
Steel Ball Diameter 14 mm
Length 165 mm, 6.5“
Standards GB/T 4852, JIS Z0237



  • Test of permanent adhesive properties and adhesive failure of tapes, adhesive labels, plasters etc. under the influence of weight.
  • 6 material test points for simultaneous testing
  • Integrated microcomputer


  • Standardised
Standard Roller 2000g ±100 g
Weight 1000 g ±5 g
Time Interval 0 - 10000 h (standard)
Standards GB/T 4851, ASTM D3654, JIS Z0237