Instruments for the Control of Stresses in Components

Photoelasticity is an experimental method to determine stress distribution in a material. The method is based on the property of birefringence, which is exhibited by certain transparent materials. Stress distribution can be studied in the translucent bodies by using polarized light. This method is mostly used in cases where mathematical methods become quite cumbersome.

Tiedemann offers an extensive product range in the field of photoelasticity, ranges from polarisation films with different degrees of polarization, retardation films to device types with different light sources and filter size. We offer reflection polariscopes, polariscopes for overhead projectors, stepper motor driven polarization filter to a number of models and special equipment for example for isochromats multiplication.

Calibration devices for determining the photoelastic constants and the elastic modulus of the model material, load frames and ring dynamometers complete the range of the standard equipment of a photoelastic laboratory.

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Some of these devices are shown in detail below.