Calibration Device

Calibration Device EV 208 with Elastic Modulus Measurement Tool

In the calibration device EV 208 a prismatic test bar with rectangular cross section is loaded with a pure bending moment of 8 Nm. The device is designed primarily for the testing of plastics and is preferably used to determine the photoelastic constant S – in conjunction with the elastic modulus tool EW 220 – also for determining the modulus E.

Bending Crawling Expansion Device BK 230

The device allows the same measurements as the EW 220, but in addition to the investigation of bending crawling expansion of plastics. Into the bending crawling expansion device a prismatic test specimen is loaded with a rectangular cross section for a pure bending moment. For generation of the bending moment two load levers act (lever arm 30 cm) with weight forces caused by weight sets, which can (50 g to 2 kg, gradation 50 g) be varied for a 0.5 to 6.5 Nm bending moment.


Dimension of test bar
Height: 14 mm - 24 mm
Width: 20 mm
Length: min. 60 mm to determine S, min. 100 mm to determine E

EW 220: 6,5 kg
BK 230: 5,4 kg

Tool Dimension
EW 220: 410 x 60 x 170 mm
BK 230: 410 x 120 x 170 mm