Impact and Tearing Tester

The impact tester with dart drop weight DIT-01 tests the impact strength and failure limit of material samples made of plastic, aluminium and composite foils, sheets, paper and cardboard with a thickness of <1mm. A ball test is available as well.

The FPP-01 pendulum impact tester measures the impact strength of various materials such as plastic films, paper or cardboard.

The FTS-01, also called the Elmendorf tester, tests the tear strength of foils, paper or similar flat materials.

Tearing Tester



  • Elmendorf tester
  • PC controlled pendulum impact tester for testing the tensile strength of films, sheets, PVC, PVDC, polyester, paper, etc.
  • Pneumatic clamps


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile accessories
Range 200 gf, 400 gf, 800 gf, 1600 gf, 3200 gf, 6400 gf
Standards ISO 6383-1-1983, ISO 6383-2-1983, ISO 1974, ASTM D1922, ASTM D1424, ASTM D689, TAPPI T414, GB/T16578.2-2009, GB/T 455

Flex-Durability Tester



  • Tester for testing the kneading and creasing behaviour of flexible foils or paper up to 0.3 mm
  • Five fixed test modes, 1 free mode
  • 4 test stations
  • Integrated microcomputer with LCD menu navigation


  • Allows combinations of non-standard test
Bending Frequency 45/Min
Bending Angel 440° or 400°
Tension ad Compression Force 300 N
Stoke 150 mm/ 80 mm
Sample Thickness 3 mm
Standards ASTM F392, YY/T0681.12