Thickness and Coating Thickness Tester

In this chapter, we offer everything you need for thickness measurement, from handheld to laboratory systems.

Our handheld devices Cpad X300 and X400 for coating thickness measurement work with ultrasound. This makes it easy to determine e.g. the thickness of paint layers or galvanised layers.

The handy Upad T300, T400 and T410 thickness gauges easily measure material thicknesses below simultaneous layer thicknesses of up to 25 mm. All devices are self-calibrating and store the measurement data on a USB stick.

The THK-01 and THK-01H thickness testers are designed for laboratory use and are based on the contacting method, which results in precise and internationally standardised test data. The units are equipped with a computer control system and only require the connection of output devices.
Packaging materials such as plastic films, membranes, paper, silicon wafers, metal sheets, fabrics and insulating materials can be measured up to 12mm thickness.

There are adapted pressure feet for the different materials. With the THK-01H model, both paper and foils can be measured.

All devices determine the maximum and minimum values as well as average values and standard deviations. The model THK-01H can work manually or automatically.

Thickness Tester