Calibration System for FUJIFILM Prescale

FUJIFILM’s pressure sensitive Prescale film is an important tool for the determination of contact pressure. It is ideal for fast qualitative evaluations, as for quantitative measurement, control experiments should to be done prior to the measurement, which are then transferred to calibration curves.

Tiedemann has developed a calibration system, which includes all necessary tools:
–  Calibration Plunger KV with two cylindrical, plain-polished plungers with well know front areas to press the material sample and the film
–  Compression Device BELV, individually equipped with a Tiedemann ring dynamometer
–  Hand Cutting tool SV to cut the Prescale film in the diameter of the Calibration Plunger KV
–  Punching toll PV to cut thicker structural material in the diameter if the Calibration Plunger

Calibrations with Different Press Materials
The Tiedemann calibration system is made for smooth surface pressures as well as structured surrounding materials like grids or carpets. In such a case, the structure is visible on the films as well. The impression is difficult to evaluate, therefore it is recommended to place the film between these structured materials during calibration to generate an individual calibration curve for this material.

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