Fogging Tester

The FT-01 condensation and fogging measurement device is mainly used in the paint and automotive industries to prevent fogging of materials such as plastic, rubber or leather under temperature differences. The model is also suitable for analysing the fogging properties of e.g. leather, fabric, plastic parts, xenon lights, etc.


Fogging Tester FT-01


  • 3 methods: gloss level method, optional haze measurement, weight measurement.
  • 6 measuring points for simultaneous testing of 6 samples
  • All necessary assessories w/o liquids incl.


  • Very precise temperature control also for non-standardised tests

High Temperature Bath

Room Temperature – 150°C (optional – 280°C)

Low Temperature Bath

0 – 100°C




ISO 6452, DIN 75201, SAE J1756, QB/T 2728, BS EN 14288, PV 3920, PV 3015, ES-X83231, NES M0161, D45 1727, GM 9305P, TSM 0503G