Materials Testing Instruments

Tiedemann Instruments offers numerous devices for measuring gas, oxygen and water vapour permeation from Chinese partners GBPI, and Jinan Zhongce Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd,

The modern, high-precision devices work with the latest and mostly integrated software. This means that only the connection of output devices is necessary. Some devices also require a computer connection. The software allows the user a precise data evaluation through different display options as well as comparison, search and help functions and an automated status query of the device with regular calibration reminders.

All instruments work according to the current standards. In addition to the permeation testers, Tiedemann also offers a wide range of products in the field of mechanical material testing, investigation of heat-sealing properties, leak testing and much more.

Please select the area of ​​a test property to find out more about the corresponding products:

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