Pressure Evaluation FUJIFILM PRESCALE

Easy Made Surface Pressure Evaluation

The ability to measure surface pressures and pressure distributions with the unique Fuji pressure sensitive film has been available for more than 30 years.


The FujiFilm Prescale can be used almost in all sorts of measurements of surface pressure indication, or simply to show the pressure distribution. The films may be used both in air and in water. The tests usually have two different objectives: to check the uniformity of surface pressure or measure the pressure at dedicated points.

The following list provides only a preliminary overview of the versatility of the surface pressure indicating films and helps to identify similarities to specific measurements.
–  Pressure distribution between pressed surfaces, valves, gears, pumps, hydraulic cylinders for the design of seals, gaskets or to verify the machine assembly
–  Pressure distribution under heavy equipment and supports or the testy of tyre profiles
–  Pressure contacts and pressure patterns on brakes, clutches, injection moulds, roll pressure or rollers in print machines
–  Impact pressure on fracture testing of packaging
–  Medical applications for the determination of footprints, or pressure distributions on the seat in wheelchairs
–  In sports for pressure measurement at the starting block and on running feet

NEW: The new Super Low LLW- HT pressure measuring foil is specially designed for temperatures of 180-220 C. It is an ideal addition for measuring pressures in sealing tools, gluing or laminating processes. Unlike the standard foil, the background does not turn increasingly red as the temperature rises. It can be used at the high temperatures without protection in the same way as the standard films at room temperature.

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