Consulting and Developement

Consulting and Design: Solutions for Your Ideas
We will take your challenges and create ideas for measurement solutions. Tiedemann Instruments offers qualified engineering consulting and assumes the entire project from concept to turnkey delivery.

After providing a quote, we will begin your custom made project with great care. Our goal is to keep your costs down, but the quality high.

Your products will be manufactured with precision and quality. We can provide client feedback on our proven performance.

We are looking forward to working with your company.

Contract Manufacturing

Small to middle size volume production
The manufacturer Tiedemann Instruments provides a complete furnished workshop for metal processing with experienced technicians.

We are happy to produce your small to medium batches of plastic and metal products. We will use all necessary outside services to complete the products.

Calibration and Renovation of Dynamometer

According to DIN 51301, the testing certificate is valid for 24 months only. Therefore, it is recommended to recalibrate the device after this period.  

Tiedemann will provide this calibration. The functioning of the dynamometer is examined before calibration. Damaged parts are replaced by new ones automatically. After recalibration, Tiedemann will deliver a practically new instrument.

If required Tiedemann certifies in a test certificate the repair and calibration for dynamometers with a maximum load of 100 kN (necessary for quality control according ISO 9000ff.) Our test-units are calibrated following ISO 17025 by the governmental material testing organisation of the University Stuttgart every 2 years. Additionally and for dynamometers for higher forces, an official test certificate following ISO 17025  from the public office of material testing can be provided.

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