Further Testing Instruments

In addition to the catalogues for permeation, mechanical, tensile and compression testers, Tiedemann presents in this 4th catalogue further material testers from the Chinese partners Pubtester, SolidNDT and Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co. Ltd.

The heat-seal and hot-tack testers determine the optimum sealing parameters such as temperature, duration and pressure for heat-seal seams of films.

Furthermore, the heat-shrink testers can determine the shrinkage, contraction force and shrinkage ratio of films.

Packaging materials with weak points such as seal seams, products or bottles that are exposed to a pressure difference can be tested by the leak testers for their sealing qualities and durability, failure and creep limits as well as compression resistance.

Other devices measure the condensation and turbidity of materials under temperature differences or the adhesion and bonding properties of material samples under load.

In addition, we can test the penetration and filtering properties of fabrics, especially medical ones.

Furthermore, we present some examples from the product category of colour and haze measurements.

The high-precision devices mostly work with an integrated microcomputer.

Some devices require a computer connection. The data evaluation is done by software and allows the user different display options as well as comparison, search and help functions and an automated status query of the device with regular calibration reminders.

For all units, the standard package includes all necessary accessories except for a PC or notebook system (unless otherwise specified in the unit's individual brochure). Additional accessories or customisations are available on request.