Mechanical and Optical Measurement Techniques

Permeation/Materials Testing Instruments: We now offer a wide range of material testing devices for checking the permeability of various materials as well as their physical properties. Films, plates, vessels and other packaging materials can be tested, for example, for their water vapor or gas permeability (gas analysis) as well as their impact strength and mechanical resilience during friction or shearing. [more]

Easy Made Surface Pressure Evaluation and Surface Heat Flux Evaluation
With the new films for heat flux measurement and irradiation with UV light, numerous new applications are possible. [more pressure indicating films], [more heat-measuring film] or [more UV light measuring film].

Colour and Haze – Test equipment for measuring colour and haze for mobile applications and in the laboratory. We essentially offer two groups of testing devices for measuring colour and haze of materials, surfaces or liquids. They are the ideal instruments for laboratory and field use. [more]

The Tiedemann Laser Microphone – Unique Acoustic Measuring System for Process Control or Non-Destructive Material Testing (NDT) is a rugged, diaphragm-free, broadband microphone designed for acoustic applications in gases in the mPa-to-Pa range. The frequency response extends into the MHz range. For the detection of soundwaves, conventional microphones use diaphragms or other moving parts as mediators between the incoming acoustic and the resulting electrical quantity. [more]

Electronic Pressure Film: Tactilus, the electronic Pressure Sensitive Film
In the electronic surface pressure measuring Sensor Products Inc. is our partner for many years. SPI is in the U.S., the long-standing expert in the field of surface pressure measurement. Tactilus® is matrix based tactile surface sensor that works by the principle of piezoresistance can be placed as a thin mat between all bodies. [more]

Roller Alignment at a Glance
The electronic nip analysis system measures and calculates the nip width at different points along the rolls in real-time. The system Sigma-Nip consists of a series of sensors that are placed between the rollers together with an analysis program. The sensors can be positioned quickly and easily. They survive high pressures and are able to measure simultaneously with high accuracy and reproducibility. It is the ideal solution for setting all kinds of rolls: Sigma-Nip, Digi-Nip 2 and Auto-Nis. [more]

Force Gauges: Analogue and Digital Force Measurements
Tiedemann dynamometers, manufactured for more than 60 years, offers high precision instruments for mechanical force measurements for tensile and compressive forces. The measurement range of the ring dynamometers goes from 50 N to 200 kN. [more]

Photoelasticity: Stress in Components Easily Visualized
Photoelasticity is an experimental method to determine stress distribution in a material. [more]