The devices for measuring gas permeability (hydrogen permeation) can be used for various materials and gases (air, O2, N2, CO2, CH4, H2, He, organic gases and mixtures).

following devices can be used to test flat materials. The principle of permeation measurement is based on the pressure difference method. For this purpose, both chambers are evacuated. The gas to be tested then flows into one side of the chamber at very low pressure. If the evacuated pressure increases on the opposite side, this is a measure of the permeation through the separating material.

By measuring the pressure difference, the GTR-G1, GTR-G3, N500 and N530 models can measure the transmission rate of gas, the solubility coefficient, the diffusion coefficient and the permeability rate through plastic films, laminated films, specially impermeable materials, tyres, metal sheets, osmosis membranes and many other materials. The GTR units are controlled via an integrated tablet. Temperature levels are set via the software and are controlled automatically. For different humidity an extra controller could be added.

Due to their robustness and because no sensor is consumed, the systems are also very suitable for oxygen permeation. The GTR units are equipped with three gas connections as standard. If you want to connect more than three gases, you need an appropriate multi-way valve system (accessory).

The TQD and N permeation devices measure the volume flow through various materials such as fabrics, filters, leather, textiles, non-woven fabrics, paper, battery membranes and also finished products such as breathing masks.

Pressure Difference Method

GTR-G1 and -G3


  • For gas tests of air, O2, N2, CO2, CH4, H2, He or others
  • For 3 different gases, optional 8
  • Very good as OTR-Tester
  • G1: 1 chamber
  • G3: 3 independent chambers
  • Wide range of test options for materials with low, medium and high barrier properties


  • Large temperature range
  • Flammable, toxic and explosive substances testable
Testing range Geräte G1 und G3: 0.05 - 50,000 cm³/m²·24h·0.1MPa
Temperature range 5°C - 95°C
Vacuum <20 Pa, 0,1 Pa
Standards GB/T 1038, YBB 00082003, ASTM D1434, ISO 2556, ISO 15105-1, JIS K7126-A

N500 and N530


  • Test Gases: Luft, O2, N2, CO2, He, H2 u.ä.
  • Up to 3 different gases
  • Very well as OTR-Tester
  • N500: 1 chamber, N530: 3 chamber


  • Fully automatic
Testing range 0,02 - 50,000 cm3/m2·24h·0,1MPa
Temperature range 5°C - 60°C
Vacuum value <20 Pa, 0,1 Pa
Standards GB/T 1038, YBB 00082003, ASTM D1434, ISO 2556, ISO 15105-1, JIS K7126-A

Tester for Flow Transmission

TQD-01, TQD-02, N600 and N900


  • Testing gases: Air
  • Flow at constant pressure difference and pressure difference measurement at constant flow of any kind such as leather, PVC, textiles, non-wovens, paper, etc.


  • TQD-01: Designed by car manufacturers
  • TQD-02: Especially for medical mask material
  • N600: For textiles
  • N900: Made for battery membranes
Pressure range TQD-01: 0 – 1000 Pa
TQD-02: 10 – 200 Pa
N600: 0 – 300 Pa
N900: 0 – 4000 Pa
Flow range TQD-01: 0 – 30 l/min
TQD-02: 1 - 10 l/min
N600: 0.01 – 2,5 μm/Pa s
N900: 0 – 40000 mm/s
Standards TQD-01: ISO 9237, ISO 4638, ISO 5636, GB/T 10655, GB/T 5453, GB/T 4689.22,
GB/T 13764, ASTM D737, TAPPI T460, JIS P8117
TQD-02: GB 19083, J0469, GB2626, GB/T32610
N600: GB/T 458 -2008, GB/T 36363- 2018