Ergonomics Kit

Hand Force Measurement for Employment Protection

The Tiedemann ergonomics kit is primarily used for employment protection (force required for pulling a elevating truck) or in the public or industrial sector to set example for door opening forces.

It is used along with an analog or digital force gauge with ring dynamometer. The kit consists of two large hooks for train and compression applications, a small metal hook and an ergonomic handle. All these tools are fixed via a M10 thread to the dynamometer. In case of using individual tools they can be easily screwed to the dynamometer via the M10 thread.

The Ergonomics Kit is available with two different dynamometers:
Tiedemann ergonomics kit with analog dynamometer ZD-1 for + / - 800 N
Tiedemann ergonomics kit with digital dynamometer ZD-1dig for + / - 1000 N