Applications THERMOSCALE

The use of the heat distribution film Thermoscale varies similar to the Prescale pressure measuring film. Applications for sealing plastic bags, laminating, heat seals, PCB or solar panels, nip rollers or thermo printers are just some examples.
Often it's about knowing not only the absolute heat flux, but especially to ensure uniformity in the area in order to avoid weak spots.

Below we present some examples in detail:

ACF Bonding:
This is a typical process for the production of LCD screens or solar panels. The individual joints can be easily checked and uniformity is immediately visiable. Thermoscale helps with the design of the equipment as well as in process control. The determination of the heat supply can therefore easily be optimized based on the parameters of temperature and time.

Laser copy maschine and –printer:
The thermo sensitive film can be an important tool in the development of the device. The fixing of the toner depends on the parameters heat roll diameter, rubber structure and hardness as well as along the temperature distribution.

The service can quickly check the function and even heat distribution of the heat roller.

Here the heat flux can be simply represented by inserting the heat flux measuring film Thermoscale. The aim is to avoid cyclical and non-uniform heat distribution. Especially with roller systems a first investigation with Prescale is appropriate, because often the temperature of the rollers is even, but different gap widths along the roll leads to different local surface pressures and lead finally to different heat flux.

Sealing of sterile bags:
Similar to laminating it is in sealing to ensure even heat distribution at the same uniform closing pressure of the sealing machine. The heat-and pressure-measuring films help ensure a secure seal. Regular checks are quickly and easily.

On the basis of the above examples it is clear how diverse the possibilities are. After a short time scale we therefore assume that the heat measuring films Thermoscale will be absorbed by the market as successfully as Prescale.

Advantages to Other Measurement Technologies

Advantage against thermocouples

– easy handling
– no time consuming
– measurement set up
– no power source

– identical heat conditions
– no contact disturbance by thickness of thermocouples

Advantage against thermocouples

– measuring heat flux in complete area
– not only in some spots

– same ultimate temperature
but different heat value

Advantage against thermography
– easy handling
– no set up or power supply

– not only temperature measures but heat flux
– measure the real heat distribution of target

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